Discover Portugal’s most talented Street Artists

Artistas portugueses de street art

Street art and graffiti magazine

Urban art, through graffiti, murals and other stencil artworks, has left its mark on the streets of the cities of Portugal.
Whether it is in protest or purely aesthetic, each art piece tells a story.

Street art in Lisbon, best global spot?
Elected by the English newspaper The Guardian, as the best city of street art in the world, Lisbon is now the nerve center with a vast amount of street works. On glass containers, facades of disused factories, or inhabited buildings, art is revealed at every street corner and illuminates the Portuguese capital. Why did Lisbon become the ultimate spot in a few years? This is explained  due to the strong presence of good artists, the environment  and climate. In short Lisbon has all the conditions for expressing oneself freely.

Today Portugal has  an inexhaustible source of talented Street Artists. Some are already famous and have created works all…

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