Space 2016 – Espaço 2016 

How this year’s achievements on space discovery can helps on Earth 

Como as descobertas de 2016 na exploração espacial nos podem ajudar na Terra 

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Sparkle in the eyes Brilho nos olhos

Family Jewels Jóias de Família


Sparkle in the eyes  

This is an underrrated work. Most people just throw old photos away, not remembering that they show us what we looked like and who we were, to a certain point. To them, retouching an old family photo is as useful as a laundry in a nudist beach.

Retouching those memories is technically hard and time consuming and usually costumers find it expensive. For those who work on this, most times the payment is only fair to the time we spend doing it, not enough for the work.

However, the best payment is the costumers smile. Like that 70 year old lady that, years ago, looked at her parents only wedding photograph after I retouched it and told that she could give me all the money in the world and still wouldn’t be enough to pay for my work. Her words and the sparkle in her…

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