Military Portugal


Military Portugal

Military forces play a fundamental role in every country. Portugal is no different. After fighting for us – agree with the war reasons or not, they were fighting for the country -, they took a different path and embrace the task of giving us democracy. If there’s something important and decisive in our 900 years of age was the end of an extremely dark political period and the birth of freedom.


Nowadays, Portugal military forces play a similar role but, luckily not inside our borders. Around the world, this men and women struggle to implement and maintain peace, to keep others safe from several dangers.  Either it’s fighting  piracy, terrorism or peace keeping and rescuing illegal immigrants tasks, they perform it with honour and respect for others.


And I’m proud to say that thanks to them, people know Portuguese people as kind, generous and brave humans. Thank you isn’t enough but it’s all I got to say to our Armed Forces.



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